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"I started with Yoga Mum’s online studio just over a month ago and I became hooked after my very first class. I was amazed that I could feel so relaxed, yet so energised at the same time. Sharn has such a beautiful energy and authenticity and it feels as though she is guiding me through each movement in person. Sharn has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the female body pre and postpartum which makes me feel properly supported throughout the classes. The online studio is so easy to use and I love the flexibility it brings. "



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Welcome to Yoga Mums Fitness! My name is Sharn and I am a yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Mums Fitness. Being a Mum with young kids, I know how taxing pregnancy and motherhood can be on the body! And I also know how important it is to feel connected to yourself and other Mums during this time. Our pre and postnatal yoga videos offer a balance of gentle exercise, strength work and stretching that is safe for all Mums during Pregnancy, after you’ve had your baby and beyond. Our classes are safe and active, yet calming and supportive with a focus on Woman’s Health, having a functional core, posture, overall strength, mobility and balance. I can’t wait to share these videos with you! Also, don't forget to join our Mum community on Facebook, 'Yoga Mums Group', to connect with other Mums and feel supported through this journey of pregnancy and motherhood!